Pam Rowan assists a student in her rug braiding class.

Pam Rowan is an award-winning rug braider and teacher. She has taught all levels of braiding at rug braiding events throughout Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts. She has learned from master rug braiders such as Nancy Young, Betty Mutina, Barbara Fisher Donna McKeever and Christine Manges, mastering techniques such as braiding to the right or left, creating continuous or butted rugs, and braiding items of various shapes and sizes.

Pam is known for her beautifully colored rugs as well as her creativity in designing braided bags, baskets, and turtles. She also specializes in repairing old rugs, giving new life to old family keepsakes, and helping others design their own new rugs.

She resides in Lebanon, Maine with her husband, Byron.

Teaching at home in Lebanon, Maine, now going on 6 years.


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  • Private lessons
  • Rugs for sale
  • Repair of old braided rugs
  • Supplies for rug braiding, including pre-packaged kits and mill end wool
  • Industrial machine sewing for strip rugs
  • Designing and coordinating color schemes for rugs
  • Braiding books for sale
  • Wool for sale

Pam has taught at New England Braids in Methuen MA for the last 12 years. This event brings together rug braiders from all over the country for 3 days of classes. This year 60 ladies from 15 states attended this largest gathering of rug braiders in the US. For the last 12 years she has also taught at April in Alfred, a spring rug braiding retreat at a former Shaker Village in Alfred ME for 12 years.