If you got to U-Tube and type in braidarug you can view a video on how to spice your lacing thread

Restoring braided rugs, all rug braiding questions please call Pam.

Please contact Pam Rowan for rug braiding supplies, kits, instruction, rug braiding repairs, and more at 207-608-3606 or

Supplies and Kits

  • Supplies for Rug Braiding
  • Mill Ends from Corinna Mill
  • Washed ½ Yard Wool pieces for braiding, cut the long way just for Braiders
  • Braiding kits for a 2×3 rug
  • Rigby cutters and extra blades
  • New Barbara Fisher Signed Rug, signature and date by Barbara Fisher herself
  • Handmade braided rugs, 3 dimensional items for sale or to make

Rug Sales and Repairs, and Additional Items

  • Rugs for sale
  • Repair of old braided rugs
  • Industrial Sewing machine on hand for my students to sew their strip rugs or $1.00 for 2”, minimum of $15.00
  • Designing and coordinating color schemes for rugs
  • Braiding books for sale

RUG BRAIDING INK is a newsletter dedicated to the art of rug braiding and designed to be both informative and instructional. In it you will find a variety of instructions for braiding techniques, rug patterns and designs, helpful hints, upcoming events, a photo gallery and just about everything else to do with rug braiding. Click here for more information or to print subscription form.