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Braid On Lessons

Friday, December 2, 2011@ 7:52 AM
Author: Pam

Price changes for braiding classes effective on January 1, 2013

Beginners first day or night will be $15.00, then $10.00 for each session.

All Day Saturday classes are $20.00 for the day.

Due to prices going up, I will be charging for some of the other braiding things on the side such as: 

Pressing rugs:

$5.00 for rugs under the size of 3 x 5

$10.00 for anything larger then 3 x 5

Designing a pattern: $5.00

Industrial sewing on the strip rug will be $5.00 a rug, for just my students, $15.00 for non-students.

All instructional information paperwork will be .20 cents a sheet, to cover my ink and paper. 



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